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2024 Steelhead Season in SW Washington - Look Back!

As the steelhead season in Southwest Washington draws to a close, anglers find themselves reflecting on the highs and lows of chasing these elusive and powerful fish. For many, the anticipation leading up to that incredible moment of hooking into a steelhead is unparalleled, making every cast and every early morning wake-up call worth it.

This year, our steelhead season in SW Washington was nothing short of phenomenal. We embarked on our fishing adventures with a sense of excitement and determination, eager to explore new flies, tactics, and remote locations. And indeed, our efforts paid off as we experienced success in catching fish in various ways, each method adding a unique thrill to our angling pursuits.

One of the most memorable aspects of this season was discovering the hidden gems that exist when one is willing to venture far away from the crowds. These secluded spots not only provided us with incredible fishing opportunities but also allowed us to immerse ourselves in the beauty and serenity of nature, far removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Of course, as with any fishing season, there were both highs and lows. We encountered moments of pure joy and exhilaration as we reeled in steelhead after steelhead, each catch filling us with a sense of accomplishment and awe. However, there were also instances of frustration and disappointment, particularly when faced with the unforgiving nature of the river and its many obstacles, such as submerged logs and unpredictable currents. One log in particular was responsible for losing over 5 fish by itself!

But such is the nature of steelhead fishing – it is a sport that can simultaneously fill your heart with joy and rip it out of your chest. Despite the challenges, the thrill of pursuing these magnificent fish keeps us coming back season after season, eager to experience the highs and lows all over again.

As we bid farewell to another steelhead season, we look forward to the days ahead spent at our vises, meticulously tying flies in anticipation of the rivers reopening in May. It's a time for reflection, preparation, and excitement for what the next season will bring.

So here's to another season of steelhead fishing in SW Washington – may it be filled with unforgettable moments, thrilling catches, and the camaraderie of fellow anglers. Until then, tight lines and happy tying!

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