A New Era for Slotted Beads

Slotted beads have become not only my go-to bead, but the go-to bead for countless anglers and tiers around the globe. 

14 months ago, a man by the name of Kevin Gohman reached out to us. He knew that we had a background in conventional gear and a rapidly growing ability to create, design, and manufacture products. He asked if we knew what a football jig was. We did, and I personally understood the product well. I understood the utility the shape brings while fishing jigs on light tackle. He then asked if we had ever thought about creating a bead with the same utility in mind. We hadn't, but a light bulb went off and I knew in that moment that this was something we could create, design, and bring to market. 

12 months after that first conversation, I sent Kevin the third and final wave of Spawn Football Bead samples. He had not seen the design or seen what we had been working on but knew we were up to the task. When they finally arrived at his doorstep he was blown away!

He explains:

"When I first saw slotted-style beads and jig hooks I immediately thought to apply them to patterns for bass. Coming from the gear world, I wanted a shape that would balance itself on the bottom, making it suitable for patterns like large nymphs and craws, like the iconic football jig. Spawn Fly Fish were the ones I brought this idea to. After seeing their innovations and expansion to different areas of the fly tying industry as well as their willingness to push the envelope and blur some lines along the way, I knew they were the company to ask. From some of our first discussions of where this jig head idea could go to when I got to see the final bead design, I was blown away by how much better it looked and how much more universally usable it could be, not just for the bass and meat tiers like myself but anyone wanting to tie patterns to fish the deep water."

We did it. The Spawn Slotted Tungsten Football Bead is here and it is AWESOME, but it didn't come easily. To perfectly create a shape that would allow the fly to hit the bottom without rolling was difficult. Everything had to be perfect. This bead had to have the correct spacing to fit a huge range of hooks, both salt- and freshwater. We wanted anglers and tiers to use them on everything from large crayfish and shrimp patterns to small nymphs. We wanted this bead to have an ease of use that isn't found in tying on heavy lead eyes that serve a similar function. Not only did the design have to be flawless, but it also had to work and CATCH FISH. It does all that and more!

After the Spawn Team finalized the design for 4 sizes, it was time to add life to the bead. To start, this Spawn Football Bead will come in five colors. Shrimp, KG Olive (named after Kevin), Crawfish Rust, Black, and Silver. We plan to expand this color selection within the next 6 months. 

From bass and trout to bonefish and carp, this is a product we believe will change the way slotted beads are used to target fish forever.

This product will undoubtedly be replicated but you did see it here first and know that we are already onto what's next! 



 Patent Pending

-Josh Phillips 



How do you put hooks in, take special hooks? Hook size and style for each weight? Thanks.

Oct 23, 2023

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