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Best Flies For the - 2023 Salmonfly Hatch

The salmonfly hatch is undoubtedly one of the most eagerly awaited events for fly anglers, particularly in the Pacific Northwest region. Although we don't get to fish the Deschutes regularly, every time we make the journey, it never fails to amaze us. Here shortly late spring and early summer will be upon us which is the time when the salmon flies emerge from the rivers and streams, presenting a bountiful feast for the fish and an exciting opportunity for anglers to hook big fish  on the surface. In anticipation of this year's hatch, we have compiled a SOLID assortment of flies, which have proven to be effective not just locally but also in waters across the country



    The MORRISH STILL STONE is a popular fly for the salmonfly hatch, thanks to its realistic appearance and ability to float high on the surface. The fly is designed to imitate a stonefly, and its durable construction makes it a great choice for fishing in fast-moving water. It also is made of foam allowing it to continually float and get chewed on all day long with no issues! Overall this is one of our favorites!

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    The NORM WOOD SPECIAL RUBBERLEG is a versatile fly that can be used for a variety of fish species, but is a sure winner when it comes to salmon fly season. The fly is designed to imitate a stonefly or a grasshopper but inadvertently matches the hatch when it comes to salmonfly. Its rubber legs create a lifelike movement in the water that can attract fish from a distance. The fly is also easy to cast and can be fished in a variety of water conditions. Although it floats well we do recommend bringing floating for this fly!

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    The EMMA'S STONE SALMONFLY is a popular fly that is offered in several different variations but for purpose of this blog and the salmonfly hatch its salmon fly variation becomes a must have. Its realistic appearance and ability to float high on the surface. The fly is designed to imitate a stonefly, and its bright orange color makes it easy for anglers to see on the water. The fly is also durable and can withstand the rigors of fast-moving water. We are always a fan of combining both natural and synthetic products which this fly does!

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    The JUICY STONE - SALMON FLY is a large, high-floating fly that is designed to imitate a stonefly. The fly is easy to see on the water and can attract fish from a distance, making it a great option for fishing in fast-moving water. The fly is also durable and can be fished multiple times without losing its effectiveness. We love the profile of this pattern and its true ability to float while the shimmer on the wings gives off a truer realistic feel! We also love the tail section of this bug with the biots. 

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    The CHUBBY CHERNOBYL - PTERONARCYS is a popular fly for the salmon fly hatch, thanks to its realistic appearance and ability to float high on the surface. The fly is designed to imitate a stonefly or a grasshopper, and its foam body makes it extremely buoyant in the water. The fly is also durable and can withstand the rigors of fast-moving water. Theres nothing special if we're being honest but this pattern day in day out continues to be a winner. Fill up the box with these are theres no doubt you will find success. 

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    The Water Walker Duo Salmonfly is a popular pattern known for its effective use and ability to fish a dropper. The micro foam used in this fly creates a realistic appearance of the salmonfly's wings and helps it to float high on the water's surface, making it an ideal choice during hatch season. The tippet ring attached to the fly makes is to fish multiple flies making it a great option when the hatch is just getting started!

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    The Chubby Duo Salmon features a realistic-looking body with some thick foam. It has everything you love in a Chubby on steroids. The barred rubber legs we especially like as well as the addition of the tippet ring. The  This fly is particularly effective when fishing for trout but can also be used to target other species such as grayling and bass.

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    This meticulously crafted bug is built  like an army tank and is the perfect imitation for catching those elusive fish. With its exceptional buoyancy, thanks to the high floating foam construction, you can rest assured that it won't sink or get waterlogged. The strategically placed knotted legs create a killer silhouette on the water, enticing those explosive takes that every angler craves. 

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    This pattern is packed with triggers that are sure to attract even the most cautious fish. While the eyes may not be our favorite feature, the overall design of the fly is a winner that we absolutely love. With the BIG SKY SALMONfly, you can fish with confidence and increase your chances of success on the water!

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    This fly combines the best of both worlds, featuring a super buggy design that includes both a Sedgehog and an extended foam body. When it hits the water, it creates a satisfying "plop" sound and its silhouette on the surface is exceptional. Plus, it's designed by the renowned fly tyer, McPhail, whose skillful work is well-known in the fly fishing community. With the Sedgehog Extended Foam Salmon Fly, you can fish with confidence knowing you have a top-quality fly in your arsenal. This is a top 3 pattern for us! 

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    Designed to be a highly buoyant fly, this pattern stands out from the typical foam imitations out there. Its natural appearance makes it a great choice for those fish that have seen it all before. As avid fly fishermen ourselves, we understand the importance of having a more natural fly that differentiates itself, and this Fly Fish Food Salmonfly pattern is just that. Remember although this fly is highly buoyant you will need floatant and it can get pulled under in areas of fast moving water! 

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    This buoyant foam fly is the perfect choice when you need a reliable pattern that will catch the attention of even the most discerning fish. As avid tiers ourselves, we love the realistic texture and stacking of materials that make this fly so visually appealing. It's not over-the-top, but it has all the elements we look for in a high-quality fly. Even though it may have been last on the blog, the Triple Stack Fly is definitely at the top of our list of must-have flies. Try it out and see for yourself how effective it can be.


    We have several more flies that are also phenomenal options! Checkout all the flies in one place with this link below!

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