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Baitfish fly that is fished on the surface and designed for searun cutthroat in Puget Sound.

Top water action is not restricted to fresh water alone. Fish in the salt water, especially searun cutthroat, can be more than willing to ambush an injured baitfish on the surface. This fly not only produces fish but it is also a blast to tie. There is never a bad time to try a new tying or fishing technique. For some this fly will offer the chance to tie and fish in a way that might be outside the fly box. The allure of watching a feisty cutthroat chasing down your Sound Searcher might just lead to a new obsession. Once you're comfortable with tying this surface fly you can easily adapt the colors and size to match the baitfish commonly consumed by your local, targeted species. This fly definitely lends itself to variations that will seem irresistible to other trout species as well as bass and other fish willing to smash the surface for a meal.

Materials list: -- 

Hook: Gamakatsu SL11-3H

Thread: Uni 6/0 Gray

Foam: Hareline Thin Fly Foam 2mm Gray

Body Flash: Polar Wind Ice Wing

Eye: Spawn Glow Eye 6mm

Cement: Loon UV Clear Fly Finish Thin 



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