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Chasing Giants: The Tale of Pete Rosenau's Potentially Record-Breaking Coho on 20lb Tippet

In the world of fly fishing, the pursuit of record-breaking catches is a quest that captivates some anglers and enthusiasts alike. Recently, Spawn Owner Pete Rosenau found himself on the brink of fly fishing history, hooking into a colossal coho salmon that could have potentially matched or bested the existing records. This remarkable catch measured just over an impressive 33 inches long with a girth of 19 inches, following the Ally and Andy Gowan Method, estimating its weight at around 19.16lbs. With the current 20lb class tippet record standing at 19.8lbs, the margin is slim, and this could have been a record-breaking fish!

The raw power and agility of the fish tested both angler and gear (6wt Douglas Sky G and Size #6 hook) to their limits, creating a tale of adrenaline-pumping moments and heart-stopping anticipation as the giant coho danced and surged both beneath the water's surface and in the air! Once landed it was clear that this fish was frankly on an entirely different level from what we had been catching.

To estimate the weight of this behemoth coho, Rosenau turned to the Gowan Method. By measuring the fish's length and girth, the formula provided a calculated weight of approximately 19.16lbs. This method, widely respected in the fly fishing community, adds an extra layer of excitement to the pursuit of record-breaking catches. The meticulous measurements and calculations added to the intensity of the moment as anglers speculated on the fish's potential weight without having to retain the fish.

With the current 20lb class tippet record standing at 19.8lbs, the question looms large: Could Rosenau's colossal coho have matched or surpassed this mark? The uncertainty adds an intriguing element to the story. We would like to say definitively yes but despite any potential biases, the sheer size and magnitude of this coho make it a legendary catch, nonetheless.

Regardless of whether Pete Rosenau's coho claims any record, this monumental catch is undeniably an epic achievement in the world of fly fishing here in Washington. The pursuit of such extraordinary fish pushes the boundaries of what's possible on the fly and inspires anglers to dream big.


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