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Coastal Cutthroat Fishing In early August?


While many may assume that the lower sections of rivers and streams resemble unremarkable "frog water" during high tide, seasoned fishermen know better. The first week of August has proven to be a prime time for targeting coastal cutthroat in these seemingly inconspicuous areas, offering a thrilling and rewarding experience for those who venture out with their lightweight rods.

The retreating tide uncovers mesmerizing pools, riffles, and eddies that teem with life. These areas, previously hidden from view, hold the promise of encountering the elusive coastal cutthroat. With their distinct greenish hue and striking red slashes beneath their jaws, these fish are not only a delight to catch but also showcase the health of these ecosystems.

Outside of monitoring the tides, setting the alarm for an early morning adventure with coastal cutthroat is an angler's secret to success this time of year. The tranquil dawn hours offer cooler temperatures and calmer waters, allowing for a more stealthy approach to fishing. As the world awakens, these resilient fish begin their hunt for food, making it the perfect time to present your streamers.

When it comes to coastal cutthroat fishing, it's crucial to ensure your fly is in the strike zone. During this time of year that zone can be deep into the pools. These crafty fish are known to lurk close to the riverbed, waiting for unsuspecting prey to pass by. Patience and precision are key, as you maneuver your lightweight 4wt rod to control the movement of your streamer and getting a reaction out of these fish!

One of the most rewarding aspects of chasing coastal cutthroat is the opportunity to explore the lesser-known rivers and streams along the Washington coast. These hidden gems often remain overlooked by the masses, offering a sense of solitude and communion with nature that's hard to find elsewhere. Each fishing expedition becomes a journey of discovery, uncovering new pockets of pristine water and generally encountering the diverse array of wildlife that call these waters home.

As August rolls in, the coastal cutthroat fishing experience along the lower sections of Washington's rivers and streams becomes an angler's dream come true. The contrast between the seemingly still waters and the vibrant life beneath the surface adds an element of surprise and adventure to every cast. With lightweight 4wt rods in hand, anglers embrace the challenge of luring these captivating fish out from their hiding spots.


Ted Schultz:

Fun trip! Wish you had videos of tying all the flies you used listed on your website! It would be fun to sell material kits with one completed fly in them too!

Oct 04, 2023

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