Coho Cool-Aid

Resident Coho Salmon in Puget Sound simply cannot resist this fly! They are a growing fast and so are their appetites. This articulated jig style fly in bight pink and purple will have fish eat and chase your fly all the way to the boat. Like all my flies, they have specific design purposes but can be successfully adapted to a wide range of colors and sizes for different target species. 

Materials List:

Hook: Ahrex SA220 Size #8

Bling Rabbit Strip Bright Purple w/ Fl. Pink 

Fishhunter Blood Quill Marabou UV Fl. Bubble Gum Pink

Hareline Slotted Tungsten Bead Fl. Pink 5.5mm

Spawn UV Simi Seal Coho Cool-Aid

Spawn 90 or 60 Degree Jig Shank 20mm

Lead Free Wire .025


Step 1: Place your Ahrex SA220 in the vise, hook point riding up.

Step 2: Take the Hareline Bling rabbit strip and puncture the hide in the center of the strip with the bling side facing down. Be sure to puncture at a point that will allow you to tie down the rabbit hide on the hook shank. I like to pierce the hide at a point where it will extend up 2/3rds the hook shank.

Step 3: Secure your bling rabbit strip, leaving about 1/3rd of the hook shank left. This is a good time to add a bit of head cement if you’d like. 

Step 4: Take your Spawn Simi Seal in Coho Cool-Aid and veil the Spawn Simi Seal to fill the space where the rabbit hide is tied in and the hook of the eye. I like to veil the Simi Seal here versus dubbing loop to ensure that the Simi seal extends back along the bling rabbit strip as far as possible. Now, whip finish and apply head cement.

Step 5: Add a 5.5mm Slotted Tungsten bead to either a Spawn 60 or 90 Degree 20mm Jig Sank. Slide the hook into the shank connection and place shank in the vise. 

Step 6: Add 6-8 wraps of lead free wire wrap .025 and slide up in the the slot of the bead securing it onto the neck of the shank.

Step 7: Begin wrapping your thread down the shank to secure the connection between the hook and the shank. Be sure to add thread wraps on, in, and behind the wire wraps to keep the wire and bead secure. Once tied down, you can add a thin layer of head cement.

Step 8: Veil or use a dubbing loop to build the body of the fly using Spawn Simi Seal Coho Cool-Aid. Leave about 4mm of space for the marabou. 

Step 9: Using a dubbing brush, brush out all the Simi Seal fibers. Remember you don’t only have to brush in one direction. Brush Up, down, and back and forth!

Step 10: Taking your Fishhunter Blood Quill Marabou in Fl. Bubble Gum Pink, reverse tie in your feather to finish the fly. This is going to add a lot of movement and attractive color to the body of your fly.  I like to get 3 or 4 wraps of the feather so that the Spawn Simi Seal body is still visible when the fly is wet. 

Step 11: Tie off the feather and whip finish. I like to and a couple  extra wraps of thread here to really secure the feather and give me room for some head cement or thin Solarez Resin. 


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