Introducing the Ahrex Hooks CA Bendback Series

At Ahrex Hooks, they are driven by a deep passion for crafting hooks that meet the unique needs of anglers worldwide. They also collaborate with fellow enthusiasts who share an unwavering commitment to innovation. Today, we are thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our Ahrex Hooks offerings: the SA258 CA Bendback Series. This remarkable hook is the product of a fruitful collaboration with the seasoned angler and fly tyer, Chris Adams from Australia, who embarked on a quest to create the perfect bendback hook tailored for barramundi fishing. 

In a recent blog Chris Adams opens the discussion with Ahrex by highlighting the versatility and precision offered by the bendback platform. This design is particularly advantageous for anglers who target predatory fish near structures. The key benefit lies in the ability to precisely position the fly where it needs to be, all without the constant fear of snags or weed fouling. This opens up a world of possibilities for anglers, allowing them to fish more effectively and with unwavering confidence.

The SA258 CA Bendback: A Heavy-Gauge Saltwater Hook: The SA258 CA Bendback is the larger sibling in this series, specially tailored for saltwater applications. This heavy-gauge hook boasts the ideal gape, delivering a solid hookset without undesirable flex. Its oversized eye serves a dual purpose: accommodating larger shock tippets for battling robust fish that dwell amidst structure and providing extra weight at the front of the fly. This weight distribution ensures a balanced fly that swims headfirst, a crucial characteristic that often triggers reaction bites.

The PR358 CA Bendback: Its Freshwater Counterpart: For freshwater enthusiasts and those targeting smaller game fish, the PR358 CA Bendback offers the same bendback design with a standard eye size. Spanning sizes from 6 to 1/0, this series caters to various freshwater environments and species. The PR358 CA Bendback features a sleek black nickel finish, complementing its freshwater focus and making it an excellent choice for anglers targeting bass, pike, and other freshwater predators.

Chris Adams's insights and design concepts played a pivotal role in bringing the SA258 CA Bendback Series to life. To further refine this hook, Ahrex also sought the guidance of renowned angler Steve Silverio and saltwater legend Bob Clouser. Their invaluable input ensured that the SA258 CA Bendback Series met the exacting standards of experienced anglers.

The SA258 CA Bendback Series stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation within the realm of fly fishing. Whether you're pursuing barramundi in the pristine waters of Australia, stalking pike in European lakes, or targeting any species that calls structure its home, these hooks are designed to elevate your success to new heights. At Ahrex Hooks, they take immense pride in crafting hooks that not only to withstand the rigors of angling but also exceed the expectations of dedicated fly tyers and fishermen. Shop all these hooks on our site and at fly shop today!

Photos from @ahrexhooks

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