Cracking the Code: Our Quest for Willapa Bay Cutthroat Continues

In the pursuit of uncovering the mysteries of Willapa Bay's elusive cutthroat trout, our journey leads us to yet another destination. With each expedition, we inch closer to unraveling the secrets that lie beneath the murky depths, guided by our unwavering passion for exploration.

This week, our sights were set on where the Bear River meets Willapa Bay in marine waters. This area holds promise of discovery beckoned amidst the challenging terrain. As we navigated through treacherous mud and deep holes, caution served as our steadfast companion, reminding us of the inherent risks of our endeavor.

Arriving at the water's edge, anticipation hung heavy in the air, fueled by the presence of chum fry swirling beneath the surface. It seemed a sure sign that success with coming.

Yet, despite our best efforts and the tantalizing allure of the chum fry, the elusive cutthroat remained elusive. Not a single strike, follow, or glimpse of this amazing fish. Instead, the river teemed with life—otters playing, eagles soaring, and the presence of what we suspect were sturgeon lurking in the depths.

Undeterred by this setback, we refuse to succumb to disillusionment. For coastal cutthroat, uncertainty reigns supreme, and the only constant is change itself. We fished the entire outgoing tide but as we have preached for years, this means nothing more than a check mark on a box. We spent years of trail and error on Puget Sound before we cracked the code and many days were spent just like this one. 

With each passing season, each shifting tide, we approach the bay with renewed determination, knowing that success lies not in immediate gratification, but in the patient pursuit of understanding. We will return to this spot, armed with the lessons of this trip, ready to confront the ever-changing tides, time or year, weather etc. 

It is not merely the thrill of the catch that drives us, but the journey itself—the unending quest for knowledge, the communion with nature, and the unwavering belief that with time and perseverance, we will unlock the secrets of Willapa Bay's elusive cutthroat.

So, as we press onward, fueled by hope and fueled by passion, we invite you to join us on this odyssey of discovery—a journey where every cast brings us one step closer to unraveling the mysteries that lie beneath the surface of Willapa Bay. 

Until next time, tight lines and happy hunting.



Cloudy 54 Degrees

Water Clarity - Good

Tide - Outgoing 

Date - April 2nd 2024

Time of Day 9am-1:15pm 

Chum Fry - Present 

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