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Dazzle Brass Beads & Insta Jig Heads!

At Spawn Fly Fish, we believe that creativity is essential to the fly tying process. Every angler has their own unique style and preferences when it comes to tying flies, and we strive to offer the most complete line of materials to support that creativity.

With this in mind we are proud to announce that every color and size of the Hareline Dazzle Brass Beads are now available at Spawn. Dazzle Brass Beads are a popular choice among fly tyers, and it's not hard to see why. With a vast selection of colors and finishes, these beads offer endless possibilities for creating eye-catching nymph patterns. The unique metallic finish of these beads adds an element of flash to the fly, making it more attractive to fish in a range of water conditions.

But the Hareline Dazzle Brass Beads aren't just about aesthetics - they also serve a functional purpose. The weight of the brass helps to sink the fly deeper into the water column, which is important when targeting fish with sub surface flies. There is a bead to match every size for all that you can create, and we now have them all!

In addition to the Hareline Dazzle Brass Beads, we also now carry every size and colors of Insta Jig Tungsten Heads. These heads are perfect for tying jig-style flies, which have become increasingly popular in recent years. The tungsten material makes them incredibly dense, which means that they sink quickly and can get down to the fish in deep water.

The unique shape of the Insta Jig Tungsten Head also helps to mimic the natural movement of a prey item, which can be very effective when targeting certain species of fish. The head design allows the fly to ride hook-point up, which reduces the risk of snagging on the bottom and helps to increase hookups. This tear drop shape head also allows you to add weight while not impeding on the hook gap for small jig flies!

Overall, we believe that the Hareline Dazzle Brass Beads and the Insta Jig Tungsten Heads are great additions for any fly tyer who wants to add some creativity and functionality to their patterns. At Spawn Fly Fish, we're committed to offering the most complete line of materials to support the creative process, and we're proud to carry these high-quality products from Hareline!


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