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Exciting Holiday Gift Ideas Under $25 - Exclusive to Spawn Fly Fish!


We know you have read about 100 of these top gift blogs so far this season. They can be tough to get through depending on the outlet and sometimes are riddled with products you dont want or need. We hope this is not one of those and each of these products we have used extensively!

Here at Spawn Fly Fish, we recognize that many of our valued shoppers are not just seeking materials and fly fishing products for themselves but are also thinking about delightful gifts for loved ones. In the spirit of the upcoming holiday season, we are excited to present our carefully curated list of top 5 gift picks under $25, many exclusively available at Spawn Fly Fish!

Whether you are treating yourself or introducing a fellow fly tier to the wonders of Spawn, these products are guaranteed to bring joy and excitement during the festive season. As you embark on your holiday shopping journey, consider these unique and affordable gifts that reflect the true spirit of Spawn Fly Fish.

  1. Spawn Simi Seal Dispenser - $17.99 each
    • Perfect for any tier worldwide, our Spawn Simi Seal Dispenser comes in four options, making it an ideal and unique gift for those who love to tie.
  2. Cling Magnetic Fly Holder - Price: 17-24.99!
    • This red-hot product has been a holiday favorite. A must-have for every fly fisher, it also makes for a thoughtful gift.
    • Keep small dry flies and nymphs organized with the Cling Mini, a fantastic stocking stuffer at just under $17.
    • For those bigger patterns, the Cling Plus is the perfect fit at just $24.99. A great gift for the fly-fishing enthusiast in your life.
  3. Spawn Beanie - $23.99
    • Treat yourself or a loved one to the warmth of our Spawn Beanie. Priced at $23.99, it's a stylish and practical gift for the holiday season.
    • Available in three colors!
  4. Oros 6 Pack of Indicators - $19.75 per tin
    • A must-have in every angler's arsenal, the Oros 6 Pack keeps your indicators safe and is considered the best on the market. Available in three sizes.
  5. Super Shank Selection 60 Pack - Only $14.99
    • The ultimate gift for fly tiers! Our Articulated Shanks come in a pack of 60 at just $14.99, ensuring you stay busy at the vise during the cold winter months.

Don't miss out on these exclusive and affordable gifts that showcase your exceptional taste in fly fishing and your love for this community each of you have built. Thank you!

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