Gear Up: One Month Until Western Washington Rivers Reopen for Coastal Cutthroat

As the days inch closer to the reopening of the western Washington rivers, anticipation sets in among anglers, and at Spawn Fly Fish, we can hardly contain our excitement. The prospect of once again casting our lines into those pristine waters, chasing after coastal cutthroat, ignites a feeling that is hard to describe. With just one month left to prepare, it's time to ensure you're fully equipped for the upcoming season.

Gear Essentials:

1. Rod and Reel:

To tackle the coastal cutthroat, a rod and reel designed for trout fishing are essential. At Spawn Fly Fish, we swear by our 4wt rods paired with reels of matching weight. Specifically Pete is using the Echo Boost Fresh and Josh with a Gloomis NRX+ this year we may look to gain knowledge on many other rods in this weight class. As for your 5 or 6wt setups these rods can also get the job done but are often overkill when it comes to fighting the fish. The 4wt strikes the perfect balance, allowing for efficient small streamer turnover while still delivering the thrill of the fight when hooked up.

2. Lines:

Check your lines meticulously. Cracked lines can quickly turn a promising day on the water into a frustrating ordeal. We recommend Rio Creek or Scientific Anglers Amplitude Infinity lines. The Creek is specialized for smaller waters but holds up well in our SW Washington rivers, while the Infinity line is versatile enough to handle any situation.

3. Leaders:

Ensure you're stocked up on leaders or leader material. For tapered leaders, nothing less than 3x will suffice in our opinion. For leaders, we generally prefer Maxima Ultragreen in 6-10lb strength 7-9ft! As you've heard us say before this fishery is not about your presentation to the water; it's about your presentation in the water.

4. Flies:

Your fly box should be brimming with favorites by now. If not, it's time to fill it up. Hot spots are key when the rivers reopen. Focus on weight rather than size or color. Essential patterns include Pink Droppers, Peach Bum variations, and various Wiggle Leech color schemes. Get those flies into the strike zone!

5. Accessories:

Don't forget the essentials: low-light polarized glasses to track the fish's movements, a small pack for your leader, nippers, hemostats, water bottle, a snack for energy, and, of course, a trout net for landing those beauties.


With all these items in your arsenal, you'll undoubtedly be primed for an incredible year of fishing for coastal cutthroat. At Spawn Fly Fish, we cherish these moments on the water, and we're thrilled to share our passion with fellow anglers. As the rivers reopen, let's embrace the opportunity to connect with nature, hone our skills, and create lasting memories. Get ready, gear up, and let the countdown begin! Everything you need is right here at Spawn!


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