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How To Tie a Stickleback Minnow for Predatory Fish

Step by step fly tying video of a Stickleback Minnnow Streamer Fly perfect for a wide variety of predatory fish. All fly tying materials used in the video are listed below and available on our website!

Gasterosteidae (The Sticklebacks) are the most widely distributed fish on the planet. Living in both fresh and saltwater. Studies have shown that Sticklebacks from areas where there are high levels of predation tend to be more risk prone. Throw this fly out in the middle and hold on!

Material List:

Sniper – Silver / Red Cheek – Spawn Fly Fish

NS122 Hook – Size #4 – Ahrex Hooks

Articulated Shank – 35 mm – Spawn Fly Fish

6/0 UNI Thread – White – UNI Products

EZ Braid – 30 lb – Spiderwire

3D Beads – Red / Size 6 mm – Hareline Dubbin

Hard Head Cement – Clear – Loon Outdoors

Mallard Flank – Natural – Hareline Dubbin

Brassie Ultra Wire – Red Copper – UTC

Sparkle Chenille – Pearl – Troutsmen

Lead Free Wire – .025 in – Hareline Dubbin

Lead Free Wire – .035 in – Hareline Dubbin

Super Glue – Gel Control – Loctite

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