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Make Your Flies Truly Glow in the Dark!

Over the last year and a half we have stocked thousands of fly tying products. Some are brand new and others are timeless classics that every fly tier needs. Not many products get me as excited as this new product does.

Last week, I recieved a phone call from a local Washington number. I answered and on the other end heard, "Is this Spawn Fly Fish?" I promptly said yes and then was informed I was speaking to Al Wood, owner and founder of Atomic Glow. I was honest with him, I had never heard of his product. He told me all about it, although interested, I shared my skepticism of glow-in-the-dark fly tying products. I told him we carried a variety of glow in dark products, but that none of them work quite like the one he's describing. I agreed to meet with him in person and we then sat down for coffee a few days later.

His product sells itself. The second I was handed a bag of his products my mind began to race. For over a year, we have tried to find glow-in-the-dark additions to our Spawn Heads. Atomic Glow is the answer. But Atomic Glow goes far beyond just our heads, this product has a huge range of possibilities. Al stated that the glow lasts for several hours after a simple 5 minute charge. I have put that to the test and am beyond impressed. I would still recommend bringing a UV Light with you to increase glow intensity intermittently through the night.

This product truly glows in the dark. 

Below I have shown several uses for this product, but I know that you all will find hundreds of ways to incorporate this product into your fly tying and fly fishing arsenal. 

Translucent Spawn Heads and Atomic Glow are a match made in heaven. Finish your fly with Atomic Glow to shine through the translucent head. For the best results, add lead free wraps near the eye of the hook to create some bulk. Once the lead free wraps are secure, wrap the Atomic Glow forward to the front of the eye. Once you are at this point, fit the Spawn Head over the eye to ensure a snug fit. Then, simply add gorilla glue or your favorite water-based super glue. If you need to create a tighter fit, add a thin veil of Chernobyl Dub!


This second fly I'd like to call a "Fire Fly." This fly is a basic Gurgler Fly that glows in the dark. Off the back is a small amount of craft fur. I then adhered the Atomic Glow Sheet to a section of thin fly foam. The body is made of wraps of Atomic Glow. You now have a popper that you can see disappear at night as a large predatory fish swallows it in the dark of night.

Overall my initial skepticism was wiped away and Atomic Glow truly glows in the dark. If you like to fish at night or send flies deep into the darkness of the water then this is a product you need to try. 


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