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NEW Easy Shrimp Eyes: Adding Realism and Pop to Your Fly Patterns

Are you looking to take your fly tying skills to the next level in the EASYiest way? Want to create patterns that fish simply can't resist? Look no further than the added touch of Easy Shrimp Eyes! These realistic and "eye-catching" fly tying materials have been a favorite among anglers for years, and now they're back with even more options to choose from.

The Versatile Easy Shrimp Eyes

Easy Shrimp Eyes have long been known for their ability to add a touch of realism and that extra pop to your fly patterns. Whether you're tying shrimp or crawdad patterns or any other fly that requires standout eyes, Easy Shrimp Eyes are your go-to solution.

Historically, the classic black Easy Shrimp Eyes have been a staple in the fly tying community. Their striking appearance and lifelike design have made them a favorite for attracting fish in a variety of water conditions. But now, the game has changed with the introduction of three stunning new colors: Transparent Smoke Grey, Transparent Midnight Purple, and Fluorescent Electric Yellow.


The Allure of Transparent Smoke Grey

Among these new colors, Transparent Smoke Grey stands out as one of the most exciting additions to the Easy Shrimp Eyes lineup. The smokey clear look of these eyes is simply fantastic. They add a level of realism and intrigue to your fly patterns that fish can't resist. But that's not all – with a simple dab of black resin on the tip, you can create a lifelike pupil that will make your fly even more enticing to hungry fish.

Your One-Stop Shop for Easy Shrimp Eyes

When it comes to Easy Shrimp Eyes, Spawn Fly Fish is your ultimate fly shop. We offer every options to suit your fly tying needs, from the classic black eyes to the new and exciting Transparent Smoke Grey, Transparent Midnight Purple, and Fluorescent Electric Yellow. Our commitment to quality ensures that you receive the best materials for your fly patterns.

If you're looking to add realism and that eye-catching "pop" to your fly patterns, Easy Shrimp Eyes are the way to go. With the new colors and their dedication to quality, Spawn Fly Fish is your trusted source for all things Easy Shrimp Eyes. Get ready for an exciting fishing season with flies that fish won't be able to resist. Order them here today!

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