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NEW Spawn Simi Seal Blend!

We have long been recognized for our exceptional dubbing products, and our latest blend continues to solidify our mastery of this craft. With its carefully crafted elements and unique features, Cray to Play promises to create incredibly lifelike profiles and entice even the wariest of fish.

At Spawn, we understand the need for versatility in fly tying. The Cray to Play blend is designed with multiple tonal changes, allowing fly tiers to create dynamic profiles that closely resemble various stages of crayfish molting. By incorporating this feature, Cray to Play dubbing prevents stagnated profiles and adds a level of realism that can make all the difference in enticing fish to strike.

Crayfish are known for their remarkable molting process, and the Cray to Play blend pays homage to this natural phenomenon. By including hints of blue in the dubbing, Spawn Fly Fish creates a connection to the crayfish's molting colors, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the flies. Additionally, the blue hues serve another crucial purpose – enhanced visibility. Even at greater depths or in murky conditions, the subtle hints of blue in the Cray to Play blend ensure that your fly stands out and catches the attention of nearby fish.

In the world of fly fishing, visibility is key. Many of our Spawn Simi Seal blends incorporate UV, and this blend is no different. UV orange flash in the Cray to Play blend truly makes it pop. This vibrant color stands out in any water condition, including murky or low-light situations. The UV orange flash not only grabs the attention of fish but also adds a unique element of movement and vibrancy to the flies, making them irresistible to even the most selective predators.

We will continue to push the boundaries of fly tying with the creation of new products like the Cray to Play blend. By incorporating multiple tonal changes, hints of blue for molting cray connection, and UV orange flash for enhanced visibility, this dubbing offers unparalleled realism and attractiveness. Whether you're an experienced angler or just starting out, Cray to Play is sure to elevate your fly tying game and help you achieve greater success on the water. Trust Spawn Fly Fish to provide you with the world's best dubbing, and let the Cray to Play blend unleash your fly fishing potential.

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