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Puget Sound Sea Run Cutthroat Fishing Report - Sept. 17

This will be the first of many updates from our local waters of Puget Sound.

Today was the first day I had been on Puget Sound in over two weeks and fishing was good. I launched the boat just before high slack and fished the outgoing tide for the first two hours. I landed six cutthroat, three of which were 15+ inches. I fished a floating line, 9ft 12lb test Maxima Ultragreen Leader, and a weighted Peach Spawn Fly with a single size 6 stinger hook.

At the beginning of the day I was surrounded by bait fish and signs of cutthroat. Rather than match the hatch or switch to a sinking line, I simply threw on a tin split-shot to drop my fly down just enough to grab the attention of the cutthroat. This proved to be the difference maker, hooking up on my first cast.

All of the cutthroat were caught in about 10-15 feet of water. Where the temperature was 61 degrees. This is still a bit warm and I believe that fishing will only continue to improve as the water temp lowers. 

I was hoping to find several adult Coho but unfortunately I did not have any luck. The Squaxin Island Tribe was out netting which leads me to believe the fish will be here anyday now. I will be sure to write a blog once I find the Coho here in Marine are 13.

As we move into fall I will consistently provide updates from the water as well as recommendations for flies and rigging set ups.  I generally spend a minimum of 50 days a year on the water in South Puget Sound and will do my best to help you target these incredible fish. 


Things to remember:

  • Have peach flies in your box.
  • Fish deeper water.
  • Bring tin spit-shot.
  • Vary fly retrieval speeds.

Remember 2% of all our profits go directly to the Coastal Cutthroat Coalition!



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