Simplifying Chum Fry Season: Effective Patterns for Western WA

Welcome back to the blog, where we dive deep into the hatch and all things fly fishing! Chum fry season is upon us, offering a thrilling time for anglers in Western Washington. We got out this week and put to work countless flies and found so much success. As the cutthroat eagerly strike, it's a prime moment to simplify our approach and focus on what truly matters in this fishery.

We tie some intricate Chum Fry Patterns that are showcased on YouTube that everyone should have in there box. However, if you can't tie or your limited in what you can tie, the truth is, success often lies in simplicity. Here are several patterns that may not be specifically designed for chum fry but will certainly get the job done throughout the season:

  1. Spawn Simi Seal Leech: This fly embodies simplicity at its best. Crafted solely from Spawn Simi Seal, it's a breeze to tie and incredibly effective. Whether you're new to tying or a seasoned pro, this pattern is a must-have. Colors we recommend - Spawn Simi Seal Chum Fry, Polychaete, Salmon Smolt!

  1. Carey Special (Peacock Variant): Keeping it simple and highlighting a fly with a long history, the Carey Special in Peacock is a winner. Strip it fast, and you'll find the cutthroat eagerly adding it to their menu of chum fry. 

  2. Soccer Mom (Thin Mint Variant): Rio's Soccer Mom pattern, especially in Thin Mint, proves its worth in SW Washington waters. Its simplicity belies its effectiveness, making it a valuable addition to your chum fry lineup. For the soccer mom we only recommend the Thin Mint color way for matching this hatch. All the other color ways are fantastic but are needed at different times. 

  3. Woolly Bugger Variant (Olive with Black): As simple as it gets, the Woolly Bugger in olive with black is a timeless classic. This is one simple pattern that many of us know. This week we used the Stable Bugger (simple variant of a bugger) and it was frankly on fire. Opt for sizes 10 or 8 and strip it fast for irresistible action that the fish won't be able to resist. 

Chum fry season presents an incredible opportunity for anglers, and you don't need to be a master tier to capitalize on it. Whether you lack the time or skills to tie intricate patterns, rest assured that these simple yet effective solutions are readily available at Spawn or for you to create yourself. For those of you eager for a challenge view and replicate some of our chum fry patterns on YouTube or create your own winners. No matter your preference get outside and fish!


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