Spawn Simi Seal: A Breakthrough in Fly Fishing Dubbing Now Distributed by Hareline Dubbing

One name that has been consistently associated with high-quality dubbing materials and innovative fly tying techniques is Spawn Fly Fish, led by the passionate and talented Spawn owner and master fly tyer, Pete Rosenau. With years of dedication and collaboration with industry experts, Pete Rosenau and Spawn Fly Fish are about to make a massive leap forward in their journey. They are proud to announce that their cutting-edge dubbing material, Spawn Simi Seal, will soon be distributed by the renowned distribution company Hareline Dubbing. This exciting partnership is set to solidify Spawn Fly Fish's reputation as dubbing experts and masters of their craft.

Spawn Simi Seal is the brainchild of Pete Rosenau and his collaboration with John Rohmer, a pioneer in the world of fly tying materials. This remarkable dubbing blend is designed to revolutionize the way fly tyers approach their craft. Its unique qualities and versatility have already garnered attention among fly tyers and anglers alike.

Hareline Dubbing, a respected name in the fly tying industry, has recognized the potential of Spawn Simi Seal and has taken the initiative to distribute this groundbreaking dubbing material. This partnership is a significant step forward for Spawn Fly Fish, allowing them to reach a broader audience and showcase their expertise to the world.

With Spawn Simi Seal now part of Hareline Dubbing's portfolio, the world of fly tying is set for exciting changes. Anglers and fly tyers can expect new and innovative patterns, all designed to take advantage of the incredible qualities of Spawn Simi Seal. We hope that hundreds of fly shops around the world take to Spawn and we have no doubt they will be thrilled with the outcome.

The partnership between Spawn Fly Fish and Hareline Dubbing is a game-changer in the world of fly tying. It's a testament to the dedication, innovation, and expertise of Pete Rosenau. As Spawn Simi Seal becomes more widely available, anglers and fly tyers everywhere can look forward to a new era of fly tying that's marked by lifelike textures, versatility, and an ever-expanding range of possibilities. Spawn Fly Fish is well on its way to becoming a household name among dubbing experts, and the future of fly fishing looks brighter than ever.

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