Spawn Simi Seal - The Story and Future

Fly fishing is an activity that demands a great deal of attention to detail, from the selection of gear to the tying of flies. For anglers seeking to create the perfect fly, having access to the right materials is essential. This is where the story of Spawn Simi Seal, a dubbing material used to create a wide range of fly patterns, begins.

Spawn Simi Seal was created by John Rohmer and Spawn Fly Fish collaboratively. John who is a world-famous fly fisherman and tyer known for his line of materials recognized the need for a dubbing material that would cater to the specific needs of the fisheries in which he participated. He set out to create a blend that would mimic the look and feel of natural materials, while also being lightweight, water-repellent, and durable.  

When the idea of collaboration began Pete Rosenau a Spawn Owner, lived in Arizona within very close proximity to John. Pete knew Johns products inside and out and had tied thousands of flies with them. Working hand in hand with Rohmer, Spawn was able to create many unique blends that catered to our specific fishing needs. For years this collaboration continued and grew even launching a Spawn UV Simi Seal Line. As the years went on it became time to pass the torch for this collaboration. We purchased the Spawn Simi Seal Line from John in order to ensure our future and carry on his legacy through our own recipes for Simi Seal. Under the leadership of Pete Rosenau, the Spawn team continues to refine and perfect its blends, testing each one in the field to ensure its effectiveness.  

Rosenau's relationship with Rohmer allows him to benefit from the master tyer's decades of experience and expertise. The years of one-on-one mentorship has allowed Rosenau's knowledge of dubbing materials to surpass that of his peers. 

Today, Spawn Simi Seal has become a standard in dubbing for fly tyers around the world. Its versatility makes it ideal for use in a wide range of fly patterns, from the Pacific Northwest to the far reaches of the globe.

The future of Spawn Simi Seal has never been brighter. Every blend is now made in house, exactly the way John and Spawn envisioned. Spawn spent tons of time and resources building out an entire "dubbing lab" with all new equipment to produce as much as needed. Spawn Simi Seal is distributed across Europe and has found its way into fly shops across the country. Everyday we look at creating new specific fish catching  blends and play with never before seen colors and recipes we know you're going to love!!

What began as a small collaborative collection of blends has grown into one of the world's leading dubbing materials for all fisheries. Spawn's commitment to quality and innovation ensures that Rohmer's legacy will continue to live on through its products for years to come.


Bob Erickson:

Spawn simi seal dubbing is a fantastic material, use it in a loop for bodies!!!

Mar 23, 2023

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