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Trout Stocking in Ilwaco: A Bounty of Opportunities in Lakes

Our home of Ilwaco is nestled along the stunning pacific coast of Washington which is renowned for its natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities. Among the many attractions, fishing in the area's lakes stands out as a fantastic opportunity for both locals and tourists. In this blog, we'll shine a spotlight on the recent trout stocking efforts in the region, specifically in Black Lake, Snag Lake, and Western Lake, which have received a total of 2,400 rainbow trout. We'll also delve into the fishing opportunities from shore and small watercraft, reveal our top fly patterns, and offer some valuable tips to enhance your angling experience.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has been hard at work enhancing the angling experience in Ilwaco by stocking these lakes. Recently, a substantial number of trout were stocked to provide ample opportunities for both seasoned anglers and newcomers to enjoy this fantastic sport. "· Pacific County — Cases, 1,000; Black, 2,000; Snag, 200; and Western (Radar Hill Pond), 200" per WDFW website!

  1. Black Lake: A whopping 2,000 trout were released into the waters of Black Lake, making it a prime destination for anglers. Right in town!
  2. Snag Lake: Snag Lake received a generous stocking of 200 trout, offering a quieter and more intimate setting for those who prefer a peaceful angling experience. 2.80 acre Lake!
  3. Western Lake: Western Lake also received 200 trout, providing an exciting addition to the angling options in the Ilwaco area. 4.50 acre lake!

Fishing Opportunities from Shore and Small Watercraft:

Whether you're a bank angler or prefer a small watercraft like a kayak or float tube, these stocked lakes offer plenty of opportunities to test your angling skills.

  • Shore Fishing: Many access points around the lakes allow anglers to fish from the shore. Look for areas with clear water and submerged structures where trout often congregate. Can be challenging for new anglers with limited back casting room. Black Lake has 4 docks that can be fished from.
  • Small Watercraft: For those with kayaks or float tubes, you can explore deeper waters and reach areas that may be less accessible from the shore. We have explored every inch of these lakes by kayak which will surely, increase your chances for success! Snag Lake and Black Lake both have very easy access for launching a small watercraft while Western Lake is a bit tricky but doable. 

Top Fly Patterns For Success:

When it comes to fly patterns, having the right selection can make all the difference. In Ilwaco's lakes, these four patterns have proven to be highly effective:

  1. Leeches: Leech patterns in various colors are a staple for trout in stillwaters. Black, olive, and brown leech patterns are known to entice strikes. We like to add a hot spot bead with these leeches!
  2. Pink Dropper: Pink dropper pattern is a staple no matter the fishery locally, it utilizes Spawn products and is one that will need to be in your box no matter the lake you choose!
  3. Caddis Pupa: Caddis pupa imitations in natural shades are excellent choices, especially during caddis hatches. Olive and tan patterns often work wonders. Can fish under a dropper or indicator!
  4. Terrestrial: One good thing about stocked trout is that there is opportunity for tricking them without “matching the hatch” these fish will be hungry in their new environment and will be looking to eat anything that moves for a period of time!

Tips for Success:

To maximize your chances of landing a trophy trout in Ilwaco's lakes, consider these valuable tips:

  • Sink Tip or Lengthen Your Leader: Depending on the water's depth and the trout's location, a sink-tip line or a longer leader can help your flies reach the desired depth where the fish are feeding.
  • Vary Your Retrieve: Experiment with different retrieve techniques, including slow retrieves with occasional pauses to mimic the erratic movement of natural prey.
  • Observe Nature: Keep an eye on the water's surface for signs of insect activity, ripples, or rising fish. Trout often feed near the surface, especially during hatches.

Whether you prefer fishing from the shore or a small watercraft, there's a wealth of opportunities to explore and discover the thrill of catching trout. With the right fly patterns and some savvy tactics, you can cast your way to an unforgettable angling adventure amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Ilwaco, Washington. Good luck! Here is a video from Snag Lake! 


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