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Hareline Tungsten Puddy: A Game-Changer for Fly Fishing

In the world of fly fishing, every angler understands the importance of getting their fly to the right depth to entice the elusive catch. For years, the traditional solution has been split shot weights, which frankly are the worst. They suck to use, suck to cast and overall are just a product we would rather do without. Hareline Tungsten Puddy is a product that has anglers like us ditching split shot for good and embracing a new era of customizable and reusable weight.

Experienced anglers are well-acquainted with the limitations of using split shot weights in their fishing endeavors. While these small lead or tin weights effectively aid in sinking your fly to the desired depth, they are not without their challenges. The process of attaching and detaching these weights can be cumbersome, significantly impacting the overall fishing experience. Problems such as weights coming off during casting and fishing, creating weak spots in your line, spilling in your bag, and the perpetual struggle to achieve the perfect amount of weight are common frustrations associated with traditional split shot weights.

The Hareline Tungsten Puddy is changing the game by providing a versatile and user-friendly alternative to split shot weights. Crafted from high-quality tungsten, this moldable putty offers anglers the ability to customize the weight according to their specific needs. The malleability of the puddy allows for precise adjustments, ensuring your fly sinks exactly to the desired depth without compromising the presentation.

One of the most significant advantages of the Hareline Tungsten Puddy is its cost-effectiveness. Unlike traditional split shot weights, which are often discarded after a single use, the tungsten puddy is a long-lasting investment. A small amount can be reused repeatedly, making it not only economically efficient but also environmentally friendly by reducing the waste associated with disposable fishing accessories.

Using Hareline Tungsten Puddy is a breeze. Simply take a small amount of the puddy, mold it into a thin slab then roll it onto a swivel or tippet ring. The customizable nature of the puddy allows you to fine-tune the weight precisely, ensuring your fly is presented at the perfect depth.

Hareline Tungsten Puddy is a shining example of innovation, offering a customizable, reusable, and environmentally conscious alternative to traditional split shot weights. Say goodbye to the hassle of split shot and hello to a more efficient, effective and enjoyable fly fishing adventure. Order now and checkout the video below!


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