Alexandra Jig Nymph Fly Materials

The Alexandra Jig Nymph is a variant on the classic Alexandra pattern, one of the few flies to ever be banned for being too effective! This fly will offer you a new way to look at classic patterns. It will also provide tons of fun on the water. Tie some today!

Material List:

  • Hook: Firehole 523 size #10
  • Bead: Spawn Football Bead 6.0mm Black
  • Weighted Wire: Hareline Lead Free .020
  • Thread: Uni Waxed Thread 6/0 Black
  • Tail: Hareline Marabou Strung Blood Quills
  • Body: Saltwater Flashabou Holographic Silver
  • Rib: Ultra Wire Silver Brassie
  • Topper: Hareline Peacock Sword
  • Gills: Stripped Goose Biots Red
  • Collar: Saddle Hackle Black
  • Cement: Loon Hard Head Clear