John Rohmer Arizona Simi Seal Dubbing Dispenser

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Master fly tier and inventor, John Rohmer, may have just stumbled on the single most versatile fish-catching blend of material that is known world-wide as Simi Seal. The material is a course blend of medium-length fibers of secret origin, created using a custom-built multi-stage blending machine that is secretly located in the basement of an undisclosed warehouse somewhere in the central part of the Arizona Sonoran Desert.

Simi Seal is the exclusive material used to tie the world-famous Simi Seal Leech and other variant patterns like the Bead Head Simi Seal Leech, Two Tone Simi Seal Leech, Bead Belly Simi Seal Leech, Rubber Leg Bead Belly Simi Seal Leech, Simi Seal Bass Leech, and Egg Sucking Simi Seal Leech. 

This material can also be used in a variety of dubbing applications, from nymph patterns to medium-sized streamers. The coarse fibers produce a bushy dubbing that can be used to build large bodies, or it can be vigorously brushed out and trimmed or left long.

Flies tied with Simi Seal have produced fish for anglers in waters all over the world. It works great on just about every species of fish that can be found in Arizona.

For a version with longer fibers, check out Arizona Mega Simi Seal. 

This Dubbing Dispenser includes 12 colors: Canadian Black, Canadian Brown, Canadian Olive, Canadian Orange, Golden Olive, Blood Leech, Black, Black/Red, Olive, Silver Minnow, Bronzeback, and Dark Olive.