Everglades/Riptide/Gulfstream Drag Knob

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Customize your Tibor with a color specific drag nob. Please note that this does not come with the stop nut. If you want that to be a custom color as well you will need to order it. We sell them on our site!

If you wish to put in a new Drag Knob:

Insert a penny into the Drag Adjustment Stop Nut, unscrew and remove the Nut. Unscrew the Drag Knob and remove, then put in the new Drag Knob. Be sure to tighten the Drag Knob completely before replacing the Drag Adjustment Stop Nut.

Colors may vary between original and replacement parts. For Tibor & Tibor QC (now discontinued).

Please note: If you purchased your Tibor Everglades prior to 2007, please contact Tibor Reels for a correct Drag Knob.