Hareline Northern Bucktail

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We tie and we know the importance of a quality bucktail. When it comes to our large bucktails we hand sort every one, ensuring only the best quality is shipped to you. For those not looking for a large premier bucktail the fibers on our petite tails are still quality and have a huge range of uses!

Hareline bucktail is a type of fly tying material made from the tail hairs of a deer. It is a popular and versatile material used in the construction of a wide range of flies, including streamers, saltwater flies, and bass bugs.

Hareline bucktail is known for its durability, natural appearance, and the way it moves in the water. It is available in a range of natural colors, such as brown, black, white, and gray, as well as bright, dyed colors like chartreuse, hot pink, and orange. This versatility allows fly tyers to match the color and appearance of the fly to the natural prey of the fish they are targeting.

When tying a fly with Hareline bucktail, the fibers are typically stacked and then tied onto the hook shank using thread. The fibers can be trimmed and shaped to create a variety of profiles and shapes, depending on the desired effect. The natural taper and texture of the bucktail create a lifelike movement in the water, which can be further enhanced by adding other materials such as flash or rubber legs.

Overall, Hareline bucktail is a popular and essential material in the world of fly tying, offering a combination of natural appearance, durability, and movement in the water that makes it effective for imitating a variety of fish prey.