HMH Poly Tubes

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Introducing HMH Poly Tubing: Unparalleled Durability and Vibrant Colors for the Toughest Fly Tying Challenges

When extreme cold is your playground, trust HMH Poly Tubing to deliver the unbeatable combination of rugged resilience and eye-catching hues. Designed with the hardiest fly tyers in mind, this poly tubing is your key to crafting cold-water masterpieces that won't break or fade under pressure.

The Pinnacle of Cold-Water Durability:

HMH Poly Tubing is purpose-built to withstand the harshest of environments. Whether you're battling frigid temperatures on ice-covered rivers or exploring remote alpine streams, this tubing remains unyielding and reliable, ensuring your flies maintain their integrity.

Vibrant Colors that Pop:

Our poly tubing comes in a spectrum of colors that capture the essence of aquatic life. From the subtlest natural shades to striking, attention-grabbing hues, HMH Poly Tubing lets you infuse your patterns with the exact coloration that triggers bites in even the most discerning fish.


Endless Creative Possibilities:

Let your imagination run wild with HMH Poly Tubing. Whether you're creating realistic baitfish imitations, adding segmented body sections, or incorporating vibrant accents, this tubing empowers you to bring your cold-water fly tying visions to life.