Renzetti - 6 x 8 Streamer Pedestal Base

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The Streamer Pedestal Base is designed for the Fly Tyer that requires a heavier Pedestal Base to tie their offerings. At a size of 6" wide x 8" long and 3/8" thick it weight almost 5 pounds. It comes in a variety of colors to personalize your vise and a black stem support to accommodate any 3/8" dia. stem. It is a clean and functional design with no room to clutter your work space.

The Renzetti Streamer Pedestal Base comes with 2 magnetized round pockets, ideal to hold hooks, beads or any small piece, a measurement indicator and a large pocket to hold anything you desire. It is such a great accessory it won the Best of Show in the Fly Tying Vise Category at the 2019 IFTD.