SEA RUN CUTTHROAT TROUT - Richard K Stoll (Softcover)

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Fly Fishing: This book is the most definitive treatise written on sea run cutthroat trout to date. In it Richard K. Stoll explores the realms of sea run cutthroat trout from both scientific and practical angling perspectives. Stoll attempts to unlock their secrets and expose their habits as has never been done before. At the same time, he engenders a new age of ethical fly angling; that is how, where, and when to fly fish for these fish while preserving the resource. This book is an invaluable read for the fly angler who wants to explore this exciting and heretofore substantially unexploited fly fishery. Stoll is a retired environmental Scientist and Marine Biologist.

Richard Stoll
has been a saltwater fly fisher for 40-years, a fly angler for more than 50-years. He has published more than 500-articles on sport Fishing, outdoors, and environment in newspapers, periodicals, magazines, and books. Stoll was a member of the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) International Committee fourteen years running. He represented Washington State, the Kingdom of Tonga, and East Timor. Stoll was an International Federation of Flyfishers Certified Fly Casting Instructor for 18-years (1994-2012). Stoll held an appointment for several years to the Habitat Committee of the Pacific Fisheries Management Council, the organization that oversees offshore USA fisheries between Canada and Mexico. Stoll is a retired professional Aquatic Biologist and Civil/Environmental Engineer. Stoll currently lives in Poulsbo, Washington.