Spawn Simi Seal Dubbing Dispenser - Dispensary Collection

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Fly Tying dubbing like non other. The Spawn Simi Seal Dispensary Dispenser is designed to take your fly tying and fly fishing game to the next level with its impressive selection of Spawn Simi Seal that drastically differes in selection from our other dispensers. 

Spawn Simi Seal creates flies that are irresistible to fish and this dispenser is no different. By layering materials this dispenser can create a variety of buggy flies that will attract even the most finicky fish.  The colors created and selected for this dispenser fill a void in our tying needs epecialy with olive/green blends. These blends of Spawn Simi Seal, takes advantage of subtle nuances and triggers to create realistic, lifelike flies. This is something learned from countless hours spent on the water and  learning from John Rohmer. By using multiple layers of different materials, this dispenser can create flies that mimic the subtle nuances of natural insects, such as leeches, damsels, nymphs and countless other flies.  

As always the recipe is unchanged and the movement of Spawn Simi Seal is essential in fooling fish into thinking that the fly is a real insects! Order yours today!


Acid Rain
Green Genes
Home Grown
BC Scuds
Locked and Loden
Dirty Bananas
Blueberry Damsel
Moon Rocks
Red Cookies