Spawn UV Mega Simi Seal Dubbing Dispenser - Coastal UV Collection

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Spawn UV Mega Simi Seal - Coastal UV Collection

If dubbings were vitamins, Spawn has the essentials. The Coastal UV Collection brings not only sure fire fish catching colors, but also the alluring effect of UV! We work directly with John Rohmer to achieve the specific tones that will fill your net. Buying vitamins has never been this fun. Now with 100% of your daily UV needs!

Colors From Top Left To Bottom Right: UV Coho Cool-Aid, Ghost Shrimp / UV Orange, UV Chartreuse Steel, UV Pacific Kingfisher, UV Bleeding Black, UV Coastal Chartreuse Yellow, UV Slow Burn Flame, UV Coastal Chartreuse Green, UV Seal The Deal, UV Pink Steel, UV Stealhead Torch, UV Pesca Hot Pink