Trout Magic

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Written By John D. Voelker (AKA Robert Traver)


A warm, joyous look at trout fishing & its attendant tall tales, strange happenings, & all-around fishing lore by the author of Anatomy of a Murder. A marvelous catch of wit, wisdom, and anecdote. Black and White drawings; 6 x 8 inches, 224 pages. Softcover.

Trout Magic is a warm, joyous, and maverick look at trout fishing and its attendant tall tales, strange happenings, and all-around fishing lore. There’s enough magic in Robert Traver’s inimitable storytelling spell to rub off on every reader. Trout Magic is sure to delight everyone who enjoys a master storyteller, who just happens to write here about his wonderful world of trout fishing. Illustrated by Milton C. Weiler.

Robert Traver has brought back to angling literature the simple, honest strengths that lie in the sport itself: fun and the spirit of individualism. His words are as close to the truth as we trout freaks can come without pulling on our waders. —Lamar Underwood, former editor, Sports Afield

Traver in Trout Magic gives you that wonderful, relaxed, lazy, unhurried, and unflustered, comfortable ‘old shoe’ feeling, page after page, adding up to a book so captivating to read that you really feel there should be some way to learn to hum or whistle it.
 —Arnold Gingrich

John D. Voelker (a.k.a Robert Traver) was a man of many varied talents. A retired justice of the Michigan Supreme Court, he also wrote Anatomy of a Murder, one of the most popular courtroom dramas ever published. It was made into the highly successful movie with Jimmy Stewart and George C. Scott, along with numerous other stories, novels, and essays centered on law and fishing. Traver died in March 1991, in Ishpemming, on his beloved Upper Peninsula of Michigan.