Whiting Farms Rooster Tail Feathers

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Nature's Spirit has been given the special privilege of a custom product from Whiting, Rooster Tail Feathers. They come in different sizes and 23 different colors in each size. The uses of these feathers are what make them a lot of fun to tie with, and with different sizes you can go from pike to sailfish flies. Now there are more uses than just pike and sailfish flies. They can even be used for steelhead and trout flies. A number of the feathers in each length have long stiff fibers that can be thrown into a dubbing loop for a collar.  You can get a number of different color combinations, and mix it with different products such as marabou and or Flashabou for a full collar. Using the Rooster Tail fibers for a stiff shoulder or base to your collar. Then of course there are the predatory tiers. Pike, muskie, and salt fisherman are going to love these Rooster Tails as they can reach lengths untouched by other products!
  • Available in Sizes: 6-10 inches & 14+ inches
  • PLEASE NOTE: 6-10 inch feathers are more of a schlappen than a tail feather for a big game fly!