Ahrex Hooks Aquires Pro Sportfisher - What does this mean to Spawn?

We're thrilled to share some exciting news with you: Pro Sportfisher, a leading name in the world of tube fly tying materials, has been acquired by our great friends over at Ahrex Hooks. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the fly fishing industry and holds immense promise for enthusiasts worldwide.

“Morten Bundgaard, owner of Pro Sportfisher, has decided to sell his company after more than 12 years in the industry. Pro Sportfisher is known for its innovative products in fly tying, especially tube flies and printed products. Morten Bundgaard says: I have had many exciting years in the tackle industry but have felt for the past year that the time had come to try something new. It has been my great wish that Pro Sportfisher could live on, and I feel that it will happen under the auspices of Ahrex ApS.

For Ahrex ApS, there has long been a desire to expand the product portfolio. We are therefore very happy that this opportunity arose. We have known and followed Morten Bundgaard for many years. Pro Sportfisher has developed several unique products. At Ahrex we will do our best to continue this journey.” - Morten Valeur Ahrex Owner and close friend. 

But why is this relevant to Spawn Fly Fish? Let me explain. When Spawn Fly Fish was founded in 2017, we reached out to numerous industry leaders for support. Unfortunately, most ignored us. However, Ahrex Hooks saw potential in our vision and eagerly supported us doing all that they could. They played a crucial role in promoting our shop and boosting our growth. We've never forgotten their support and friendship. Today, we proudly carry every Ahrex Hook. We're also thrilled to announce that, following Ahrex's recent acquisition, we will soon be offering the entire range of Pro Sportfisher materials.

At Spawn Fly Fish, we're committed to bringing you the very best in fly tying materials. With our strong relationship with Ahrex Hooks, we'll be able to offer you a wide range of Pro Sportfisher products, allowing you to elevate your fly tying game to new heights. From premium tube systems, foils, shells, skins, beads, and cones Pro Sportfisher's materials are renowned for their quality, durability, and versatility. Many of these products are not currently offered here at Spawn but soon that will change as we are continuing to strive to be your one stop shop!

With this exciting development, Spawn Fly Fish reaffirms its dedication to providing you with the tools and inspiration you need to explore every inch of fly tying. Stay tuned for updates as we prepare to introduce Pro Sportfisher materials to our lineup, and get ready to take your fly tying to the next level with Spawn Fly Fish and Ahrex Hooks.


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