Discover the Ultimate Offshore Adventure with Spawn Fly Fish

If you're an angler with a passion for both the serene riverside and the thrilling, deep blue water, you'll find that Spawn Fly Fish is more than just your typical online fly shop. While we’ve built a strong reputation as a top destination for trout, bass, carp, salmon, steelhead, rockfish, our expertise doesn’t end there. We're also making waves in the world of offshore big game fishing, bringing our high-quality gear and unique flies to enthusiasts who dare to tackle the giants of the ocean.

At Spawn Fly Fish, we understand that offshore fishing is a different beast. That's why we've tailored our selection to meet the unique demands of chasing species like marlin, tuna, and other pelagic giants. Our online shelves are stocked with the best in class reels and rods specifically designed to handle the challenge of big game fishing. Durability, strength, and precision are the hallmarks of our offshore gear, ensuring that every piece of equipment you purchase is ready to perform when the big one strikes.


One of the standout features of our shop is our extensive array of flies suitable for bluewater species. These aren’t your everyday flies; they are larger, tougher, and made to entice some of the ocean’s most formidable predators. At Spawn Fly Fish, we pride ourselves on offering flies that you simply won't find anywhere else. Whether you're looking to hook a fast-moving sailfish or outsmart a big shark our selection includes designs that enhance your fishing strategy, crafted to stand up to the rigors of the saltwater environment.

-7 Color options In this Fly!



- 4 color options for this fly!


- 8 colors and 2 sizes for this fly! 


Why should Spawn Fly Fish become your go-to source for all your offshore needs? It's simple: we combine quality with innovation. Our selection of products aren’t just put up; they’re crafted with the angler in mind, designed by people who love fishing as much as you do. We stay ahead of the curve, continually expanding our inventory to include the latest in angling technology and the most effective, cutting-edge fly patterns.

SAGE R8 SALT - Up to 15 WT!!!

When you shop with us, you're not just buying fishing gear; you're joining a community. Spawn Fly Fish is committed to supporting every angler's journey, from the quiet shores of a local lake to the most remote offshore waters. Our team is here to share tips, stories, and expertise, helping you make the most of every trip.

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