Bent Baitfish

Baitfish patterns are in every fly fisher’s saltwater box around the world. Mimicking a baitfish on the vise is simple but achieving success in the salt isn’t always as easy. This pattern gives you the extra articulated kick you need to bring the success you want into reality. Like the majority of my flies, this is a simple yet effective pattern using Spawn Products!

This style of fly can be altered and manipulated in many ways to meet your fishery’s needs, from changing the feather on the tail to the color of Simi Seal in the body! 


Materials List: 

SA220 Ahrex Size #8 

Spawn 90 Degree Jig Shank 20mm

Fishhunter Saddle Hackle Fl. Silver Dun

Spawn Simi Seal UV Chartreuse Steel

Spawn Eyes Silver Black 

Slotted Tungsten Beads 5.5mm 

Lead Free Wire Wrap .025


Step 1: Insert your SA220 Size 8 hook into the vise

Step 2: Find two thin feathers in your bag of Fishhunter Saddle Hackle Fl. Silver Dun. These will be the tail section of your fly. Tie in one on each side.

Step 3: Take another Fishhunter Saddle Hackle Fl. Silver Dun feather from the pack and reverse tie it in.

Step 4: Tie in the Spawn Simi Seal up to the eye of the hook. Then, add a Spawn 90 or 60 Degree shank with a 5.5mm Slotted Tungsten Bead.

Step 5: Using lead free wire, add 6-10 wraps depending on desired weight. Push the wire wraps  forward into the slot of the bead to secure it. Tie down the shank and add wraps of thread to secure the shank and lead free wire.


Step 6: Tie in Simi Seal either using a dubbing loop or veiling the dubbing back over itself. Adjust your tie length to create a better body taper. 

Step 7: Add your favorite Spawn 3D Eyes with an adhesive of your choice and cover with resin to add durability. 

 Below are alterations of this fly! Using different colors of Simi Seal and different sizes of Spawn 90 or 60 Degree Jig Shanks, the possibilities for this pattern are endless!

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