Big Hooks? No Problem!

This is something that we have been meaning to share with you for some time! Hook sizing can be confusing. A 1/0 hook from one company can drastically differentiate from a 1/0 hook from another company. As people continue to chase bigger and meaner species using Spawn Heads we needed an easy solution to use our products with any hook.

Our Spawn Heads are durable. They are created to be abused and fished hard! People have used exacto knives, dremel tools and other means to get their favorite Spawn Heads onto biggest of hooks. There is now an easier cheaper means to get your favorite Spawn Heads onto even the largest hooks!

By using a Rat Tailed Diamond Needle File you can easily increase the mouth of a Spawn Head while maintain its structural integrity to fit your desired big game hooks! Below I show a step by step using a Ahrex SA270 6/0 Hook with our Spawn Crew Boss Head! This is a saltwater hook with large hook eye that without the tool would not work with our Spawn Heads!

Test Hook to see fit!

Insert tool into the mouth of the Spawn Head and begin to twist the tool shaving the mouth to fit your desired hook size!

Test fit and continue to use tool until you have reached your desired gap to fit the hook! 

You now have an easy solution to using our products with any size hook! Tie your big game fly as you normally would and cap it off using your favorite Spawn Head! Fill in the increased gap around hook with a bit of resin and you are good to go! Link below to tool! 

Rat Tailed Diamond Needle File $3.00 Each!


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