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I recently had the honor of presenting about Fly Fishing Puget Sound to the Salmon Creek Fly Fishers Club. Not only did I present all of the ins and outs of catching both Sea Run Cutthroat and Coho Salmon, but I also tied a fly that has been extremely successful for me in the saltwater. This simple articulated jig-style fly made up of Spawn products is a must have pattern for any fishery! You can change the colors of the pattern as well as size of hooks and shanks to fit your fishery's needs! 

60 Degree Jig Leech Pattern Materials List: 

Ahrex SA280 Size #6

Spawn Jig Shank 60 Degree, 20mm

Spawn's UV Simi Seal Ghost Shrimp/UV Orange

Mottled Tactical Slotted Tungsten Beads, Orange 5.5mm

Spawn's Southern Fl. Peach 

Lead Free Wire .025


Start out with your Ahrex SA280 Hook! 

Using Spawn's Fluorescent  Southern Peach Marabou, reverse wrap a quill of marabou onto the shank of the hook starting at the bend.

Add Spawn's UV Simi Seal Ghost Shrimp/UV Orange by using a dubbing loop or tying directly onto the shank up to the hook eye. Once you've finished, place a small amount of head cement or resin and cure.

Next, insert a slotted bead onto the Spawn 60 Degree Shank just as you would use a slotted bead on a standard hook!

Place the tail section of the fly to the Spawn 60 Degree Jig Shank.

Be sure that your slotted section of the bead is facing towards the tail section of the fly. 

Tie down the shank and add seven wraps of .025 Lead Free Wire Wrap to the shank. Push the wire wraps up into the slot of the bead to secure it into place. 

By using a dubbing loop or tying directly down, build the body of the fly using Spawn UV Simi Seal Ghost Shrimp/UV Orange. Stop building the body about 3mm from the bead.

Take another quill of Spawn's Fl Southern peach and reverse tie onto the shank. Wrap the feather forward until it is snug against the bead.

This is when I like to throw in a few whip finishes and add a bit of thin resin or head cement to increase durability of the fly. 

Once you have added a bit of head cement, dub your thread and add a few wraps as snug as possible to the bead. Whip finish and cut your thread. 

The last step is to remove the fly from the vise and shorten the tail section. Do not trim anything other than the very first feather that you started with! 

There you have it! A simple jig-style leach pattern using Spawn products! This fly will bounce over oyster shells and nets and shoot along the bottom like a shrimp, pulsing upwards with every strip! Not only will Sea Run Cutthroat and Coho Salmon love this fly, but countless other species in both fresh and saltwater won't be able to resist.

Under UV light:


John Stanley:

Great meeting you guys today at your store. Love those Spawn products. We talked about fishing in New Zealand as well as the great fishing in your part of Washington. Can’t wait to tie up some of those articulated shrimp patterns. Cheers!

Mar 12, 2023

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