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Christmas Leech

Pete is at it again! This time with a "Christmas Leech" pattern.  As always no detail is left to question. Follow along to learn, improve, and bring this killer fly to life! As always everything you see is live and available on our site!

"Whether for your own fly box or as a stocking stuffer for a fishy friend, the Christmas Leech is sure to spread some good cheer. Not many gifts have form and function. The Christmas Leech not only carries a festive charm, it also happens to crush in the water! Naughty and nice wrapped in one little bundle."


Materials List:
Thread: UniThread 6/0 Red
Hook: Ahrex TP650 size 1
Bead: Spawn Super Bead 6.3mm Gold
Weighted Wire: Lead Free .020
Tail: Olive Mega Simi Seal
Body: Olive and Watermelon Red Mega SS
Feathers: Mallard Flank Fluorescent Cherry Red
Head cement of your choice.


Step 1: Before placing your hook in the vise, slip on the 6.3mm Spawn Super Bead. Insert the hook point through the small eye in the bead and then position your hook in the vise.


Step 2: Wrap 15-20 turns of .020 non lead wire on the hook shank. Slide the wire into the back of the slotted bead to position snugly behind the hook eye.

Step 3: Start your thread behind the wire wraps. Securely cover the wire wraps with thread and a bit of head cement to prevent any future slipping.

Step 4: Tie in a small clump of olive Mega Simi in the middle of the fibers. Use 4-5 thread wraps to tie in and position, then bring your thread in front of the clump with two wraps of thread. Having the thread in front of the clump before you bring it over the previous fibers will ensure having the most secure tail tie in possible. Vital any time you veil any material.


Step 5: Bring the remaining fibers over the back of the hook bend and tie down to cover your initial tie in wraps. 

Step 6: Trim the top fibers from a mallard flank feather. We’ll be tying in the feather by the tip with the top, or convex side facing upward. The fibers of the feather should match the length of the Simi tail fibers.

Step 7: Before wrapping the feather, wet your off tying hand fingers and gently stroke all the fibers toward the rear of the hook. Having the fibers damp and positioned before wrapping feathers will make it much easier to prevent trapping fibers as you wrap. My preference for this application is to wrap the feather with the flat, concave side of the quill to be facing the hook shank as compared to the side of the quill. Use the style that makes you happiest.

Step 8: Here you can see the quill is flat against the hook shank. This style results in a tighter finished look.

 Step 9: Take 3-4 turns of the mallard feather keeping the fibers stroked back and untrapped with each wrap. Tie off the feather with 5 strong thread wraps and trim the excess feather.

Step 10: Prepare your thread loop directly in front of the mallard feather tie off. For this fly the material ladder should be right around 5 inches. It is comprised of half olive and half watermelon red Mega Simi Seal. Spin your loop, brush out and wrap up the hook shank. When you wrap a loop it is very similar to a feather in that you should use your off hand to make sure all the fibers are facing rearward and not being trapped under your turns of the loop.

Step 11:This is roughly what your fly will look like after wrapping the loop forward and tying off.

Step 12: Thoroughly brush out your fibers and comb them back toward the hook bend.

Step 13: Prepare your second mallard feather the same as the feather we used for the tail. The tie in is also the same. Remember to wet your fingers and coax the fibers back before you begin wrapping.


Step 14: After 3-4 wraps of the feather tie off and remove the excess. Make a secure, clean thread collar behind the bead and add two whip finishes. Add some head cement to the thread wraps and go catch some fish! 


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