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Jesse Malles- Simi Seal

UV Simi Seal Streamer- Jesse Malles 

Jesse Malles, is a long time Spawn supporter that has some incredible fly tying videos! We are beyond excited to see our products highlighted in them and we know you will love this pattern! If you're creating videos where Spawn is present send us a quick write up and we would love to feature them!

"As a hardcore streamer junkie I am used to whipping up big beefy streamers and the second I set my eyes on the UV Simi Seal I knew I was going to be whipping up some mean bugs with it! Sure enough I have been putting it to the test and love the way it rounds off this fly in particular!

Creating a fly pattern for bass or trout is a bit different than most of my saltwater patterns, but I still have a ton of fun figuring out how I am going to structure a particular fly. In this case I was lookin to create a heavily weighted fly that had a lot of action and would resemble a crawdad if hopped along the bottom. Obviously this pattern can be fished for many different species or slung like a traditional streamer in a trout stream.

As you can see this fly uses materials that most of us already know. With common tying techniques and a little bit of practice both novice and experienced fly tyers will be whipping these dudes up in no time! If you enjoyed the video be sure subscribe to my Youtube Channel and look me up @backwaterflyfishing on Instagram and Facebook!

Tight lines and happy fly tying!"

-Jesse Males


Material List:

Hook: Favorite Stinger Hook Size #2

Small Double Barrel Pupil Brass/Lead

Tail: Magnum Rabbit Strip 

Body: Cross Cut Rabbit

Legs: Any Rubber Leg Will Do

Beads: Orange Tungsten

Head: UV Simi Seal

Thread: 210 Flat Wax Nylon



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