Choosing the right hook and bead for Spawn Jig Shanks!

Since we released the Micro Jig Shank a few days ago, two questions have been asked frequently: "What size bead should I use?" and "What size hook pairs nicely?" There are countless options that will work great and we hope that this information will allow you to make a more informed purchase and increase your success using these Micro Jig Shanks! 

Micro Jig Shank 

Hareline Slotted Beads 

From left to right: 5.5mm Hareline Slotted Tungsten Bead, 4.6mm Slotted Bead, 3.8mm Slotted Bead


Although small, the Micro Jig Shanks pairs nicely with even the largest Slotted Beads! This 60 Degree Micro Jig Shank shown here puts it into perspective on how the largest slotted bead fits. A 5.5mm slotted tungsten bead is going to get down and get down fast while still leaving plenty of room to tie in materials! 

I personally like heavy flies, especially when it comes to a jig style fly. The 4.6mm Slotted Tungsten Bead offers a great fit and option for getting your micro articulated jig down deep and down fast without as much weight as the 5.5mm slotted bead. This is my favorite pairing for the Micro Jig Shank. 

This 3.8mm slotted tungsten bead is perfect for bringing your articulated jig style flies to small creeks, spooky fish, and lightweight fly rods! 

When it comes to hooks, the options are almost endless. The slightly thinner gauge wire on our Micro Shank opens up a huge range of hooks available for use! We wish that we could give you a definitive answer but hooks differ drastically from company to company even if they all say size #8! Below are a few of our favorite pairings for hooks we carry on our site! 

Ahrex HR482 #8 

NS172 #12 

NS122 #10 

SSW with Super Needle Point #6

Firehole 714 #8

Daiichi Boss Hook 2581 #6 

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