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Spawn Translucent Heads!

Spawn "UV Open Mind "Translucent Heads are growing in popularity rapidly and we have been receiving some questions on how to achieve the best translucent effects.

Our Spawn Heads are a two part injection mold. This allows for advanced details but can come with slight imperfections. Think of these imperfections as tiny scratches that you cannot see with the naked eye but that distort clarity. The first coat of gloss that we use drastically increased the translucency, the gloss acts as a filler to these "scratches" and gives it a smooth clear finish. To take it to the next level you will need to follow these simple instructions.  

Spawn UV Open Mind Heads 

Liquid Fusion 

For a standard baitfish I like to use tie in the fibers and whip finish prior veiling the materials back! We want to have a solid foundation of material at the head of the fly that will push against the Spawn Head when it is placed on! 

You can now veil these materials back and hold into place forming a clean finish near the eye of the hook! As you see this technique will build up a head to the fly which is perfect for achieving the best results! 

Holding the fibers down put a healthy layer of Liquid Fusion around the front of the fly. This Liquid Fusion is going to act as a double agent both bonding the head to your fly as well as filling in all the mold "imperfections" that are left on the head adding translucency!

Liquid fusion on all the way around your fly!

As you can see this Spawn UV Glossed Translucent Spawn Head is now crystal clear.  The materials are snug against the head and the liquid fusion acting as the bonding agent has also filled in any remaining imperfections in the mold!

Can be done with any materials! Dubbing example below!


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