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For those of you that don't follow NOVE Outdoors, you're missing out! This group distributes our Spawn Products throughout South America and does a phenomenal job putting them to work and promoting them though various media outlets such as Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram! 

This relationship started in 2017 when we recieved a message from our now friend Milton Gareca. He was extremely interested in putting our Spawn Products to work in Argentina for Golden Dorado. 

After our first shipment arrived in Argentina, Milton got straight to work. Several weeks later we began receiving one amazing photo after another of Golden Dorado caught using our Spawn Fly Heads. I didn't know at the time, but this was the beginning of an extremely special relationship. 

Now equipped with our Season 2 Spawn Heads, Milton and NOVE Outdoors have taken our products to new heights. From Fly Fishing Shows to Lodges and now featured films, NOVE Outdoors is leading the charge for Spawn Fly Fish in South America. In the last several months, NOVE Outdoors has put out several films that deserve your attention! 

Someday we will join Milton and Pablo Sureda from NOVE Outdoors and create fishing memories that will last a lifetime! Be sure to watch these videos below!


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