Bluefin Tuna on the fly!
Last year about this time, my father and I set out on a 23 hour car ride to Southern California to pick up a new hydroseeder (my day job). My dad’s sales pitch to get me to come along was that we would stop and fish along the way. 
One of Spawn’s Day one-supporters Capt. Mason Stoller of Pacific Fly Fishing Charters guides out of Orange County. After a grueling day on the road, my father and I linked up with Mason and spent the evening throwing flies in LA Harbor! We quite literally caught over 50 Calico Bass. We doubled and even tripled multiple times with every fish eager to eat big Spawn Flies! This was the first time I fished with Mason and surely won’t be the last. 
Since that trip, Mason and I have stayed in contact and he’s taken his outfit to new levels. While fishing the harbor talks of Tuna came up and Mason told us about his plans to target large Bluefin Tuna on the fly in a new larger and faster boat he had already purchased. Late summer I watched Mason’s Instagram feed as Bluefin after Bluefin was caught on tackle knowing that soon I would receive a text. 
In late September that text came. It was a photo of Mason holding a gaffed bluefin tuna and a 14 wt fly rod between his teeth. Inside the mouth of this future IFGA 20 lb test world record fish was a Spawn Fly! Not only did Mason accomplish catching a Bluefin, but when he got his chance he decided that a Spawn Fly would do the trick! Watch these videos below as Mason reels in this powerful 43 lb fish! 
Whether you’re in LA for business or leisure, I highly recommend connecting with Mason for an evening of Calico fishing or a day on the blue water! Below is a link to his website where you can learn more about all of the trips he offers! 

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