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Opposition to Senate Bill 6294 - Impact on Fur Sales for Fly Fishermen

Senate Bill 6294, seeks to eliminate the sale of fur products in the State of Washington, we believe it's important to consider the potential negative consequences this bill may have on fly fishermen and the broader outdoor community. The outcome that we are looking for is recognition for the roll our industry plays in this state and our community. We want to be at the table to discuss matters that impact our industry, which reaches much further than the state of Washington.

The impact that we have as fly shops on our community extends further than most realize. We are the next generation of stewards and caretakers of the lands and waters we enjoy. We pride ourselves on ethical sourcing of everything we use, and consume. We are active in our communities and inspire others each and everyday to be involved and lead the way in matters of conservation and good. Yet like this bill everything we do is constantly overlooked. We are not invited to be apart of the process and as an industry we simply cannot wait.

When you shop at Spawn Fly Fish know that we are fighting for every single angler on and off the water.  

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