Pull Time Diver- Diver Fly For Fly Fishing

Garret Kremer is a day one Spawn supporter and has always looked to incorporate our products into his flies. This fly is absolutely awesome and one that I have personally fished many times! He created this fly for Snook and Juvenile Tarpon but it has many uses that far outreach the waters in Florida where it was created. We tie it a bit differently here,  but the result on the end of our lines is always the same. 

Materials List:

B10s Gamakatsu Hook Size #1, #2 will also work.

Craft Fur

Silicon Flutter Legs 

EP Foxy Brush or Synthetic Fox Brush

Kestrel Spawn Head

Foam 3mm and 2mm

Krystal Flash


Step 1: Place Hook in vise.

Step 2: Tie in your craft fur tail.

Step 3: Tie in two stands of Krystal Flash that run the same length as the craft fur.

 Step 4: Take your EP Foxy Brush or your Synthetic Fox Brush and tie it in right in front of your craft fur.

Step 5: Wrap your brush of choice forward covering about 1/3rd of the hook shank.

Step 6: Tie in your Silicon Flutter Legs. 


Step 7: Add Several more wraps in front of your Silicon Flutter Legs.


Step 8: Cut out two Diver Shape pieces of foam the bottom being 3mm and the top layer 2mm.

Step 9: Place your Kestrel Head onto the hook and test the fit. It is important that there is plenty of room and that the foam doesn't push head out past the eye of the hook.

Step 10: Tie in a small pinch of Spawn Simi Seal on the bottom of the hook shank.

Step 12: Add gorilla glue around the material where you will be placing the Spawn Head. To ensure the foam doesn't push the Spawn Head out of place, I like to place a Spawn Bulk Shank to hold the head in place and keep the foam at bay. Once the glue is dry, remove the shank and the head will not move!

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