Suede Baitfish for Big Game Species!

Norbert Renaud is a fabulous fly tier and has tied up some incredible flies using Spawn Products. Recently he shared an awesome step by step blog on how to bring a killer big game fly to life! 

These are largely inspired form the latest tie on Flyskinz Instagram account. Flyskinz have some amazing products that will suit many styles of tying and will cover many patterns. 


Step 1: First cut some tails from a faux suede sheet. These are about 90/100mm long and the tail at it's widest is 35mm.

Step 2: Glue and tie onto the hook.

Step 3: Now tie a strip of rabbit on both sides of the tail. The strips are 5mm wide and 35/40mm long.

Step 4: I then glued the strips onto the faux suede. This will stiffen the tail at it's base and keep from wrapping itself on the hook. However, you will still have lots of movement from the mid section of the tail all the way to the end of the tail. 

Step 5: For the gills and head base I make a dubbing loop and fill it with Congo Hair.

Step 6: For the head I tie in some foam, this will give a good base for the glue to hold the head and it will make the fly have a little more hang time in the water.

Step 7: Nearly finished, just need to glue the head on. If the eye of the hook doesn't fit through the small hole in the head, all you have to do is heat up the eye of the hook with a lighter and push the head over. (You can also use a filing too)

We hope you enjoy his awesome pattern be sure to check him out on social @norbertrenaud as well as his blog!

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