Ahrex FW511 Curved Dry Hook Barbless

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Put some curve into your dry fly hook. On some patterns, the curved design adds to the realism of the fly. Available in size 10 – 18 Black Nickel Finish Chemically sharpened – Barbless 24 Hooks per package Discover the secret to more lifelike dry fly patterns with the Ahrex FW511 Curved Dry Hook Barbless. The unique curved design delivers enhanced realism to your flies, making them irresistible to fish. With a Black Nickel Finish and Chemically Sharpened construction, you can rely on these barbless hooks to stay strong and sharp, even after landing multiple fish. And with 24 hooks per package, you'll have plenty to last you through a full season of fly fishing.

  • 24 Hooks Per Pack