Airflo Superflo Anchor Tip Fly Line

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The Airflo Superflo Anchor Tip is the ultimate fly line for fishing buzzers or nymphs from both bank or boat. The line features a 8cm Di 7 tip at the end of our 3' mini tip to anchor the tip beneath the surface.

The Airflo Superflo Anchor Tip does just that and anchors the tip at depth even in windy/rough conditions. Often the key to success when nymphing or buzzer fishing is a static presentation, and in a squally wind or rough conditions, floating lines just wash around in the wave chop. The anchor tip has a 3' mini tip (1.5ips) with an additional 8cm of Di 7 at the tip (7ips).

This line is your friend for early-season chironomid sessions. Looped tip and butt.