Cascade Crest Micro Barred Voodoo Fibers

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Experience life-like movement and texture with Cascade Crest's Micro Barred Voodoo Fibers. These durable Mylar strips are attached to 400 strands, 1/69" wide, 8 inches long. Perfect for streamers, nymphs, and poppers, these unique materials are an ideal addition to custom dubbing brushes. Made in the USA. Enhance your fly tying with Cascade Crest's Micro Barred Voodoo Fibers, which deliver stunningly realistic movement and texture. Proudly made in the USA, these durable Mylar strips boast 400 strands measuring 1/69" wide and 8 inches long. Add them to your custom dubbing brushes or use them to create eye-catching streamers, nymphs, and poppers.